Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Rainbow Ducklings

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Disclaimer: "Comfort Spiral is a Sanity Pitstop.
Stopping here habitually may lead to something
closely resembling actual sanity."

Elephants don’t know
anything about
the world of ants;
the peaks of mountains
are oblivious of what is
happening on the plains!
     Mehmet Murat ildan

It isn't what you have
or who you are, or
where you are or what
you are doing that makes
you happy or unhappy.
It is what you think about.
 Dale Carnegie

Green calm below,
blue quietness above.
  John Greenleaf Whittier

Wishing you the greatest
power of all,
which is to see love,
or a call for love,
in everything.
Dr Margaret Aranda


This week BOTH ducks are drinking.
As are some of the
fish presumably.
I gotta shoot more HUMAN
drinking photos before next Tuesday!

It's funny how humans can
wrap their mind around
things and fit them into
their version of reality.
Humans see
what they want to see.
     Rick Riordan


Love You,
 Cloudia & Pixie