Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Real Unstoppable

A  L  O  H  A !

Learn to be a “Peaceful Warrior.” 
Treat people with kindness, and 
give them a reason and 
a way to say “yes,”
                  Carine Strom Clark

Nature gives you the face

you have at twenty; it is 
up to you to merit the 
face you have at fifty.
            Coco Chanel 

Honolulu, 28 June 7:30 pm, 2019 

I have always wanted to know what was real, how things really are, and what matters. 

Now that I have had the privilege of living over half a century, I realize that this is the time to fully be the person, friend, and influence, that I have been in training my whole life to become. 

It's easy to win an argument, 
lob a remark like a hand grenade, 
and then retreat to the comfort
 of familiar prejudices. 

It is much harder to reach out i
n sincerity to your neighbor 
and find solutions together.
 Just being kind is the first step. 
 I invite you to join me...

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We Are Unstoppable!