Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !

Hawks & Peacocks

A  L  O  H  A !
“In many traditions, 
hawks are sacred: 
Apollo’s messengers 
for the Greeks, 
sun symbols for the 
ancient Egyptians and, in
the case of the Lakota Sioux, 
embodiments of clear vision, 
speed and single-minded 
       John Burnside

Don't seek TRUTH, 
just stop being so invested 
in your own point of view, 
and it will reveal itself to you. 

Peacock  Car
“How come it can’t fly 
no better than a chicken?’ 
Milkman asked.

Too much tail. All that jewelry 
weighs it down. Like vanity. 
Can’t nobody fly with all that [stuff]. 
Wanna fly, you got to give up 
the [stuff] that weighs you down.’

The peacock jumped onto the 
hood of the Buick and once more 
spread its tail, sending the 
flashy Buick into oblivion.” 
           Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hawaii Photo of the Day

 A  L  O  H  A !

Sunrise Waikiki

A  L  O  H  A !
Waikiki By Night Looking Towards Diamond Head.
Dark Space To Left: Ala Wai Canal & Ala Wai
Community Park

“There’s always people 
looking the other way when 
the miracles take place -

Dawn Reddens The Alenuihaha Channel;
Molokai 41 Miles Away. Link

- people who want only 
a good night’s sleep when 
the stars are dancing, 
comets falling, the angels 
leaning low out of midnight 
with their trumpets, 
their cantatas of longing.” 
                       Paul Russell       

No Morning Like Oahu Morning

"Each morning we are 
born again. What we do 
today is what matters most." 

View From The 38th Floor

Waikiki was a sandy area where 
fresh water 
from the mountains mingled 
with the salt surf creating a place 
famous for healing from ancient times.
Hawaiian Royals kept gracious beach
homes here, while Hawaiians grew taro 
and Asian subjects raised ducks and rice.

Though an urban resort today, 
I heard roosters crowing while 
taking the pre-dawn pics above. 

Hawaiian spirits live again.
Every Day - Every Night

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All photos shot from apartment of a friend.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !

More From Iolani Palace

A  L  O  H  A !
Ko`olau Mountains 
Beyond Palace Gate.
[State Capitol Pillar, Right]

“These things...they 
are who you are. 
They brought you here. 
To this day.” 
             Laura Dave

"The Life of the Land is Perpetuated 
in Righteousness"
[Royal - Now Hawaii US State - Motto]

 Feather Lei Link

Royal Decoration

Cloak Room

Queen Liliuokalani
Composer of Aloha `Oe

  "At noon of the tenth day of April, 1877, 
the booming of the cannon was heard which announced that I was heir apparent 
to the throne of Hawaii."
HRH Liliuokalani,
Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen January 1898


Inside the Palace Garrison


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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hawaii Photo of the Day

 A  L  O  H  A !
"Honi Mai"

The Honi is the traditional Polynesian greeting. 
The people of old (and sometimes today) 
greet by pressing noses and inhaling together. 
Thus we share HA, the breath of life,
 and our Mana, our spiritual energies.

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Hawaii's Royal Palace

A  L  O  H  A !
Named for the soaring Hawaiian Hawk [Io] 
of Heaven [Lani]

My friend kindly stopped at the palace.
No way I could be in Honolulu
without paying my respects
to those whose guest
-or returning subject of the heart-
I was for 30 years.

"Built in 1882 by King Kalakaua, 
Iolani Palace was the home of 
Hawaii's last reigning monarchs 
and served as the official royal 
residence." Link 

Just to be where they were,
to stand where they stood
forges a bond of rich Aloha
with the magic and soul
of these islands and people.

Throne Room, note Kahili flanking the thrones. Link

Having been fortunate enough to visit 
inside this restored treasure before,
our objective was simply to be on
this last piece of sovereign ground.
As I said: to contemplate Hawaii's
essence, and to pay due respect.

Royal Regalia:
From Chiefs to Constitutional Monarchs.
From Kahili to Crowns

So what are we doing inside?
Visiting the gift shop on the grounds
I was exclaiming and explaining
much of what we saw to my friend.

Blue Room

The young Hawaiian man
operating the gift shop told us:
"It's Kama`aina Sunday!"

"Kama'aina (Hawaiian: kamaʻāina, lit "child of the land") is a word describing Hawaiʻi residents born on Hawai'i regardless of their racial background, as opposed to "kanaka" which means a person of Native Hawaiian ancestry." Link

In this case, it meant that the Palace 
is free to locals today,
that he was kindly recognizing 
our local status and [shared]
reverence  for the soul of Hawaii,
and that we were being
invited into the palace!

[He did NOT ask to see ID before
giving us the sticker badges to wear.]

Mahalo Bruddah! Link

Just one of many examples of
how beautifully I was treated
by everyone, friend and stranger,
while home in the islands!

State Dining Room

Iolani Palace had electricity and telephones 
years before the White House.
The lights came on, thrilling the assembled
masses, on the evening of July 26, 1886

Hinge Detail

“In October, 1819—six months before the first Christian missionaries arrived on the islands—Liholiho, under the inspiration of Kaahumanu, one of the widows of his father, suddenly, and in the presence of a large concourse of horrified natives, broke the most sacred of the tabus of his religion by partaking of food from vessels from which women were feasting, and the same day decreed the destruction of every temple and idol in the kingdom.”  *
HRH King David Kalakaua, 
The Legends and Myths of Hawaii

“In 1840 the first written constitution was given to the people, guaranteeing to them a representative government. In February, 1843, Lord Paulet, of the English navy, took formal possession of the islands, but in the July following their sovereignty was restored through the action of Admiral Thomas. In November of the same year France and England mutually agreed to refrain from seizure or occupation of the islands, or any portion of them, and the United States, while declining to become a party to the agreement, promptly acknowledged the independence of the group.” 
HRH King David Kalakaua

There are no back stairs at Iolani Palace.
Those who served and worked there
used this same stair as the Royals.

Their immediate predecessors had been 
hereditary Ali`i - High Chiefs - wielding the power of life and death. But these gracious, 
modern monarchs had a deep concern for the conditions and future of their Hawaiian Kanaka. They maintained their independence and standing in the international system until losing it to treacherous local business
interests a few years later. 
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E Nihi Ka Hele
Written by King David Kalakaua 
in honor of his Queen Kapiolani  
upon her visit to Queen Victoria
on the occasion of that Royal's

“On the 30th of March, 1820—some months after this strange religious revolution—the first party of Christian missionaries arrived at the islands from Massachusetts. They were well received. They found a people without a religion, and their work was easy. Other missionary parties followed from time to time, and found the field alike profitable to the cause in which they labored and to themselves individually. They acquired substantial possessions in their new home, controlled the government for the fifty or more years following, and their children are to-day among the most prosperous residents of the group. This is not said with a view to undervalue the services of the early missionaries to Hawaii, but to show that all missionary fields have not been financially unfruitful to zealous and provident workers.” 
 HRH King David Kalakaua