Monday, September 5, 2022

At The Bon Dance

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Things seen at night
fill me with delight.
They have a "not quite"
that somehow shows
their deeper truth.

Follow this couple

to the Bon Dance!

Kimono or Hapi Coat are not
necessary to join in, but they
certainly help create
the mood and scene.

These guys were moving!

Young & Old

Taiko Drummer
And Confidante 

Happy Little Clouds
On A Hapi Coat!
I'll share more
textile graphics

Mom, my feet hurt!

Have an Andagi.*

Making Memories
With Grandpa

This little girl whirled
and leapt like a top!
She was so excited!
(So Was I!)

Bon Dance Musicians

What a wonderful sadness
to miss the one you
have loved forever...
know that she is
waiting at home.
 Dan Groat


* Andagi backstory & recipe HERE