Sunday, January 28, 2018

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A  L  O  H  A !
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The Big Job

A  L  O  H  A !
"Fairy tales are 
more than true
not because they tell us 
that dragons exist but 
because they tell us that 
dragons can be beaten."
              Neil Gaiman

"Somewhere between the 
start of the trail and 
the end is the mystery: 
why we choose to walk.” 

"Kindness is like snow - it 
beautifies everything it covers."
Author Unknown


We all want to make that Big Start;
That New Beginning. We want to do
Spring Cleaning. But it's overwhelming.

That's why you don't do it weekly.

We see the entire elephant
and feel good about deciding 
to eat it later. Definitely. Gonna do it.
Just not today. But you are just paying
the 'Vig'* on your anxiety and your life.
Bargaining with thboogeyman.*  

I had a boss who used to say:
'Just do something today to move
the mission, the contract, the pile of 
tasks. The day you leave here, your
In Box will not be empty. That has
to be OK. Just do one thing today,
with all the routine & house keeping.'

Just do the thing you notice,
the thing at hand.

Thank YOU
                  Fondly, cloudia

* "the interest on a shark's loan. The term originates from the Russian word for winnings, выигрыш vyigrysh. "   Link
* Link