Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Listening Arts

A L O H A From Honolulu!

I remind myself every morning: 
Nothing I say this day 
will teach me anything. 

- So 
if I'm going to learn, 
I must do it by listening. 
       Larry King

Ears are made not for hearing 
but for listening. Listening 
is an active skill, 
whereas hearing is passive. 
Listening is something that we 
have to work at - it's a relationship 
with sound. And yet, it's a skill 
that none of us are taught. 
   Julian Treasure

You have to develop relationships 
with other people so 
when the tough times come, 
you can work together. 
               Colin Powell

If you think communication 
is all talking, you 
haven't been listening.
Ashleigh Brilliant


How To Listen:
Do you have mental energy
right now for this person?
If not, kindly take your leave.

If the answer is yes:
Smile at the person.
If eye contact is too much,
look at their nose or forehead.

Just breathe.
Don't jump in. Allow pauses. . . .

Even long ones.
Wait for an angel to pass.

Actually listen. Just
really be present and listen.

If your attention wanders,
privately return to the person.

Don't formulate a response.

We all have an authentic
need to be heard.
If it is a stranger,
you can care for your fellow person
for a few moments. What
better use is there for that
small investment of time?
Key to all this:
You are paying attention
to a real person,
to their presence and emotion.

Not so much to the
supposed content
which is usually just the vehicle.
Remember: something can be
factually un-true YET be emotionally
VERY true to a person.
Respect the person despite
their illusions and misconceptions.
Caveat: You are not obligated to share
space or attention with anger or violence.
Hate/Racism are the exception to all these rules.

Keep your composure, but state
clearly that you don't see it that way.

Leave calmly. Don't be drawn
into an argument; Those types
LIVE for dissension and combat.

Witness, don't resist evil.
Invincible angels handle
ALL that ultimately.

We only need to remain human,
and grow in trust.*

Love You - Good Luck,

Pixie & Cloudia


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