Friday, October 21, 2022


A L O H A From Honolulu!
'Moon Beach Clouds'   Courtesy: John Kim

With a good friend
the hours are short.
Basque proverb 

 Take heart. If you are alive today, You are a warrior
of the soul. 

I will wear no label
but my name

Sometimes in the morning,
when it's a good surf,
I go out there,
and I don't feel like
it's a bad world.
Kary Mullis

When the bee
comes to your house,
let her have beer;
you may want to visit the
bee's house some day.
   Congo Proverb

I just have one question for you.
Are you a stronger, better
person than you were
back in 2015?
We have all had
opportunities to clarify
our behaviours and beliefs.
What do YOU think?

Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia


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