Sunday, May 15, 2022

To Thine Own Self Be Kind

Aloha from Honolulu
Father (Saint) Damien's statue
outside of Hawaii State Capitol Link
how well you are coping with this highly
unusual time!

Morning Light Dogs
Take a moment to notice
your quiet competence that doesn't shout, but speaks volumes.

Life responds to
the generous.

Heliconia bihai of the family Heliconiaceae
is an erect herb typically growing
taller than 1.5 m.
It is native to northern
South America and
the West Indies. Wikipedia

Learn to see that
the world is a place
of becoming.
Things that bother you
are not finished yet.

Asystasia gangetica, commonly known as
the Chinese violet, coromandel
or creeping foxglove. In
South Africa this plant may
simply be called asystasia.

Tough Times Don't Last.
Loving, Kind People DO.
Be loving and kind


Love You,
  Pixie & Cloudia


Monday Murals 

Jaipur Garden Affair

Father Damien Mural shown in two parts
Downtown Honolulu

About Damien Link