Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Just Clouds Passing

A L O H A From Honolulu!

"Memories are made here!" 

A gray day provides
the best light.
Leonardo da Vinci

Most consequential choices
involve shades of gray,
and some fog is
often useful in
getting things done.
Timothy Geithner

Gray skies are just 
clouds passing over.
Duke Ellington

Some people
go to priests;
others to poetry;
I to my friends.
Virginia Woolf

Walter Murray Gibson Building
842 Bethel Street, Honolulu
Opened: 1930
Architect: Louis E. Davis
Style: Spanish Revival
"During the reign of King Kalakaua,
the Minister of the Interior purchased
the property at Bethel Street
and Merchant Street in 1885.
Construction of a new
police station began in 1886.

In 1930, Louis E. Davis was commissioned
for the design of a new building in
the same spot by the same name.
The architecture is similar to the popular
Territorial/Spanish Revival style
seen in Honolulu Hale, [City Hall]
the Academy of Arts,
the C. Brewer & Co. Building,
and more. Like other buildings
of this style, the walls are concrete
covered with a rough stucco finish.
The Walter Murray Gibson Building also
features sandstone from Waianae Oahu,
eleven tons of Roja Alicante marble
from France, and doors made
of mahogany from the Philippines.
When it was used as a police station,
police occupied the basement." 

Not only is there a
right to be happy,
there is a duty
to be happy.

So much sadness
exists in the world
that we are all
under obligation to contribute as much joy as
lies within our powers.
John S. Bonnell

Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie

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