Sunday, May 8, 2022

Cloudy Beach Beauty

A L O H A From Honolulu!

But isn’t it terrific
when you’re with someone
who can bring out
your best self?
Robyn Carr,
                 "Four Friends"

Kindness & Happiness
travel together.

Inhabiting the present
moment, fully
aware and grateful,
inoculates you
against worry. 

Political divisions
are dogmatic mazes.
Go higher to see
the whole picture.

I almost wish we were
butterflies and liv'd but
three summer days -
three such days with you
I could fill with more
delight than fifty
common years
could ever contain.
 John Keats

Never lose your joy!
The picture is bigger
than any of us
can comprehend.
All we can do is
value each other and
enjoy our lives.
To treat others with
love is a potent
response to hate
Just do what you can
where you are.

Have a heart.
Just protect it from
breaking which
helps no one.


Love You,
       Pixie & Cloudia