Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Rehabilitation of Humility

A L O H A From Honolulu!

If your heart is not broad
enough to care for everyone
in a conflict, then you
are not yet a peacemaker.

Thank you for caring.
But don't stop growing
your understanding compassion!
      Cloudia Charters 

In my youth, a wondrous sight,
Signs that flickered, day and night:
"Dancing Nightly!" bold and bright,
A mystery that filled me with delight!

When I was a child
It was common to see signs:
Dancing Nightly.

I was too young to go inside
these adult places after bedtime
to see the ubiquitous beings.

They must be BIG, I mused,
and something to see,
especially when they danced!

Did they also do tricks?
Tell Jokes? or did they just dance?
Over the years, their numbers
dwindled. I never see
their signs anymore.

So here's to the vanished breed:
The Dancing Nightly.
They are surely missed.

The wise one is dedicated
to not harming people-
even evil people. When no one hurts another, All will eventually
return to the good. Tao Te Ching,
Chapter 60   Translated by John R. Mabry

Snap judgments
— about people or ideas —
are fueled by arrogance and conceit.
They create blind spots
and missed opportunities.
Good ideas and interesting ways to
accomplish goals in public life
exist all over the place if you
have the will, the curiosity, and
the humility to find them.
  Charlie Baker 

࿂ ࿃ ꩜
Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia

I asked META's Artificial Intelligence
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with this prompt:
"A happy calico cat under a palm tree"
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