Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Any Fool Can

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Any fool can criticize, 

condemn, and complain 

but it takes character 

and self-control to be 

understanding & forgiving.

Dale Carnegie

If you only walk 

on sunny days 

you'll never reach 

your destination.

             Paulo Coelho

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I think 99 times 

and find nothing. 

I stop thinking, 

swim in silence, and 

the truth comes to me.


Continue to do good,

and heaven will come

down to you.

Hawaiian Proverb

Any fool can criticize,

condemn, and complain -

and most fools do.

Benjamin Franklin

𐋄 𐋄 𐋄 𐋄 𐋄 𐋄 𐋄 𐋄 𐋄 𐋀

Love You - Good Luck,

Cloudia & Pixie

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