Thursday, February 18, 2021

Lion Found Me OR Lion Looks

 A  L  O  H  A  !

Never ever doubt in magic. 

The purest honest thoughts 

come from children, ask 

any child if they believe 

in magic and they will 

tell you the truth.     

Scott Dixon

Honolulu: Magic City

Magic is not about having 

a puzzle to solve. It's 

about creating a moment 

of awe and astonishment. 

And that can be 

a beautiful thing     

     David Blaine

One of our Magics is the Lion Dance.

This time of year, Lunar New Year,
the island resounds with cymbals
and drums! The Lions Dance!
And they are not confined
to China Town.
At schools, businesses, 
and private homes:
The Lions Dance!

In every normal year, 
Chinatown bans cars
and throngs of people
fill the streets, as do many
Lion Dance troops!

Blessing a business NOT in Chinatown

One hears them around a corner,
and turns it to join the 

W O N D E R!

Little Lions Will Grow. Feed Them! 

We feed the lions.
They like dollar bills.
It brings us luck!

On the continent, I did not
see people feeding the lions,
but did so anyway.
One ALWAYS needs luck,
especially far from home.

Shine your soul with the same

egoless humility as the rainbow

and no matter where you go

in this world or the next,

love will find you, 

attend you,

and bless you.





I'm the only lion you're gonna need!

No public events this year.
We drove Chinatown on
Lunar New Year in search
of lions. But never heard one.

Later, at home,
sitting in my chair,
I heard something 

I rushed to the window!

And there it was:
It had found me!
[Evidence Below
Followed by a normal year]

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