Friday, January 29, 2021

The Most Important Yardstick

 A   L   O   H   A  !

I like how the rainbow descends the 
face of the building and 
crosses the canal

Some people care 

too much. 

I think it's called 


     A.A. Milne

Admiring itself in the reflection

Come Enter The Spiral!

If we focus on the minuses, 

we go down the spiral. 

But if we are able to 

focus on the pluses, 

we can become stronger 

and put more meaning 

into our life.     

Petra Nemcova

Little Red & Chorus

When a group of people 

sing together, we 

make up a chorus. 

When birds do, it's 

more like a whole 

symphony orchestra.

Laura Erickson

Strelizia Nicolae

These will be the giant, white, 
Bird Of Paradise!

Actual Reflection

One resolution 

I have made, and try

always to keep, is this: 

To rise above 

the little things.

 John Burroughs

Do your little bit of 

good where you are; 

its those little bits of

good put together that

overwhelm the world.

             Desmond Tutu

I would like to paint 

the way a bird sings.

 Claude Monet

Pixie Is Hopeful For America Again

Never lose sight of the fact 

that the most important 

yardstick of your success 

will be how 

you treat other people - 

your family, friends, 

 coworkers, and even 

strangers you meet 

along the way.

Barbara Bush


We Wish YOU
The Best!

       Pixie & Cloudia

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