Friday, November 9, 2018

Hawaii Photo of the Day

  A  L  O  H  A !

Pixel 3 Review

A  L  O  H  A !
Novato CA [click photo to enlarge]

 "Today is a new day 
that has been handed 
to you for shaping. 
You have the tools, now 
get out there and 
create a masterpiece.” 
            Steve Maraboli

 Raccoon In The House!!

I am NOT an "early adopter."

I do not buy the "latest thing."

I do not wear logos, 

or designer names.

I still have my first smart phone:

A humble Moto E. *

But as of yesterday, it is

resting in a drawer.

You might know that I like to

take photos. And carrying a camera

EVERYWHERE was getting old.

I needed an excellent camera

for daily unexpected shots too.

So I bought the best camera in a 

smartphone: The Pixel 3, released

October 9, 2018.

The photo at top

is my first shot,

taken Oct. 21 2018.

If you haven't seen the 

TV comercials, the camera

shoots a series of pics, before 

and after the shot you click.

Then the phone shows you

the BEST one according

to artificial intelligence.

I am free to select any of the

shots and to edit them at will.

They are immediately added to

my Google Photos for

sharing right then,

or on my blog later.

Because we are in the

San Francisco Bay Area,

a tech person brought me

the phone I bought from 

Google online the SAME DAY

and set it up for me!

She shot the raccoon on the

coffee table, I cropped it

and edited it. 

You can see the FOC, unedited, 

un-cropped shot below.

The Pixel has Google Assistant.

I can unlock the phone with

my fingerprint.

Then squeeze it twice

and Assistant is ready.

"Dial Mom on the phone."

"Is traffic to the store bad?"

"What is the weather today?"

"Tell me a joke."

Google Lens is cool too!

Turn the camera on something,

and Lens can tell you what

you are seeing with helpful links!

I have no buyer's remorse.

And now I have the coolest

phone in the cafe!

It charges

Super Fast too.

So if you need a new phone

-or a new convenient,

excellent camera-

consider the Pixel 3.

The Pixel 3 XL is larger!

You want to be sure

to buy an UNLOCKED

Pixel from Google Store.

Talk to your carrier.

You can use the SIM

card from your current phone!

I really like Consumer Cellular

for US coverage. Great,

HUMAN customer service!

My case - ordered on Amazon -

is arriving today.

Incidentally, my Pixel 3 is the 

"Not Pink" color.

A beautiful object in my hand!

You can read a professional reviewer

FOC [Fresh Out of Camera] Click photo to enlarge

“All the tools, techniques and 
technology in the world are 
nothing without the head, 
heart and hands to use them 
wisely, kindly and mindfully” 
               Rasheed Ogunlaru

Thank YOU
             Fondly cloudia

*"The Moto E was unveiled on May 13, 2014.
 India was one of the first countries 
where the Moto E was released; "