Sunday, May 17, 2020

I Cause

A    L    O    H    A  !
Think truly, and 

thy thoughts

Shall the world's famine


Speak truly, and 

each word of thine

Shall be a fruitful seed;

Live truly, and 

thy life shall be

A great and noble


           Horatius Bonar

Not the glittering weapon 

fights the fight, but 

rather the hero's heart.

Traditional Proverb

Hibiscus Chicks

If ignorance is bliss, 

why aren't more 

people happy?

       English Proverb

Change your 

conception of 

yourself and you 

will automatically 


the world in 

which you live. 

Do not try to 

change people; 

they are only 


telling you 

who you are. 

Revalue yourself and 

they will confirm 

the change.

        Neville Goddard

A negative attitude 

toward others 

can never bring 

me success. 

I will cause others to 

believe in me, 

because I will 

believe in them, 

and in myself.

           Napoleon Hill


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