Monday, December 21, 2020

Town Squares

 A  L  O  H  A !

On my walk yesterday, I noticed this 
construction fence.
Then everywhere I went,
 there seemed to be squares!

I can attempt to stay 

on the fence. However, 

the problem is that the 

fence is a figment of my fear 

not a reality of my journey.

     Craig D. Lounsbrough

Your bread assumes the 

shape of the pan you use 

to bake your flour. 

Therefore stand still 

and know that you 

can’t use a rounded pan 

and ever get squared bread. 

Change the pan and change 

the shape of the bread!

     Israelmore Ayivor

Today's a new day. 

It's your day. 

You shape it. Don't 

let it be shaped by 

someone else's ignorance 

or fear.

Steve Maraboli

It is the job of poetry

to clean up our 

word-clogged reality by 

creating silences 

around things.  


This is what our love is–

–a sacred pattern of 

unbroken unity sewn 

flawlessly invisible inside 

all other images, thoughts,

 smells, and sounds. 


You make me understand 

how wonderful it is for 

little lizards when they find 

that one special rock that's 

perfect for sunning 

themselves on. You 

make me lizard-happy.

R. K. Milholland


Love You,

                    Pixie & Cloudia

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