Monday, May 3, 2021

The Best Mentor

A L O H A From Honolulu!
When young,

older people look

like wrecks.

When mature,

younger people look

half baked.

For years I have noticed

that "what to wear"

"what to eat" "what NOT

to say" have all regularly

popped unbidden

into my head.

So I began to go

with the outfit

that popped into

my mind.

That became a habit.

Then I began applying it

to other things. In other

words, I started to heed

the suggestions

that seemed to

present themselves.

It occurs to me

that all my prudence

and foresight

have produced as much

trouble for me,

as successes.

Every major New

Direction, has been made

[when examined closely]

by persistent "hunch"

hunches that keep repeating

and finding complementary

echoes seemingly everywhere.

Perhaps, angels are always

speaking, directing, aiding.

Be alert. Be aware

of what presents

to your fascination


Such lies the way

to your best

and your bliss.

Of course, we all know 

from cartoons that 

we each have a devil, 

as well as an angel. 

That's why we have two shoulders. 

[And for wings later].

It comes to choice. 

What am I choosing 

over and over again,

and where does that lead? 

Which self do I feed? 

Is that the person

that I WANT to be? 


We are all free 

to make new ones!

  Pixie & Cloudia

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