Wednesday, January 18, 2023

A Garden Is A Private World

A L O H A From Honolulu!

The secret of the mountain is that
the mountains simply exist,
as I do myself: the mountains
exist simply, which I do not.
The mountains have no "meaning,"
they are meaning;
the mountains are. Peter Matthiessen

A garden is a private world
or it is nothing.
Eleanor Perenyi

Smokey Lunar New Year Dancing Lions in Town!
前兔无量 / 前兔似锦

Qián tù wúliàng / Qián tù sì jǐn

A promising/bright rabbit ahead!

It's Year Of The CAT, You Know! *

Tiền vào nhu nước sông Đà,
tiền ra nhỏ giọt như cà phê phin:

Money influx is as strong as Da's river; expenditure is as little as dripping coffee.

Our Vietnamese New Year Wish



Love You,

Pixie & Cloudia

* Lunar Year of the Rabbit,
is considered Year of the Cat in Vietnam!