Monday, August 14, 2023

Old Kids Young Kids

A L O H A From Honolulu!

There is a fountain of youth:
it is your mind, your talents,
the creativity you bring to your life
and the lives of the people you love.
When you learn to tap this
source, you will have
truly defeated age.
    Sophia Loren

Two Photographers
[That's me lower right]
Two photographers can stand in
the same place and take a picture,
but they will come out differently
because of the soul behind the lens.
    Samantha Hops 

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The Historic tree endured the fire
Next morning the sun shone bright
Birds sang in the branches
And the banyan tree stood tall
A symbol of hope and strength
It had faced the fire
And like our Hope

Old & Young Kids
Young people are in
a condition like permanent
intoxication, because youth
is sweet and they are growing.

I realized that
I don’t have to be perfect.
All I have to do is show up
and enjoy the messy, imperfect,
and beautiful journey of my life.
Kerry Washington

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