Monday, September 11, 2023

Maracas on the Shadow Tree Trail

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Colorful maracas
Hanging as a curtain.
Mysterious and joyful
They whisper on the breeze.
I imagine we are dancing
in a faraway land. The people are happy.
And we are happy too.
Now I know they are
more than just decor
They are a secret doorway
to another world. If you dare step through,
You'll be transported,
To a place where
anything is possible.

Tropic like it’s hot
And they lived
pineappley ever after

The Shadow Tree may tell
Shadow Tree may show
Secrets of the fairies
Dancing full moon's glow.
Ancient nature whispers.
If we listen.

 We learn from sunset's hour To let the cares of day Pass by, and in the stillness Reflect on gracious day.

Come inside before the fire
the nights are growing long.
Our sweetness all the sweeter
Since you joined me
in this song!

Love You, Pixie & Cloudia


So close your eyes,
Take a sip
And a deep breath,
The maracas are
Waiting for you.