Friday, April 1, 2022

Our Regular Encounters

A L O H A From Honolulu!
is the title of two series
of still life paintings by
Dutch master
Vincent van Gogh.
The first series, executed
in Paris in 1887,
the second set, made a
year later in Arles,
shows a bouquet of
sunflowers in a vase.

Never been Painted
No Need to be Sainted
A Neighbor with whom
I'm most well

Originally named "Sillies"
[Just LOOK at them]

Garden Snobs Lobbied
To Have Them Re-Named

The horses, mares,
and frisking fillies,
Clad, all, in linen
white as lilies.
Robert Herrick

Shell Ginger
Always a Clincher
Hanging South
They Open Mouth
But Never Bite
The Finger!

A little ginger
will never injure
Ella Fitzgerald
    "Everybody Step" 

This Sweet Little Bunny
Clad in Kimono
Is Happy With Flowers,
Eager for the
Spring to Flow!

Icons Dancing
Above and Below
Impassive Diamond Head
Surf's Never Ending Show
Sky Keeps an Eye
And a Conga Line
of Clouds

Slowness means cleaving
perfectly to time,
so closely that the
seconds fall one by one,
drop by drop like the
steady dripping of a
tap on stone.
This stretching of time
deepens space.
It is one of the
secrets of walking:
a slow approach to
landscapes that gradually
renders them familiar.
Like the regular encounters
that deepen friendship. Frédéric Gros

Love You
Pixie & Cloudia