Monday, August 2, 2021

Dogs Simple Secret

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Character — the willingness to 
accept responsibility for 
one’s own life — 
is the source from which 
self-respect springs.

 Joan Didion

The responsibility is all yours; 
no one can stop you 
from being honest 
or straightforward. 

Marcus Aurelius

It’s a gift to exist, and with 
existence comes suffering. 
There’s no escaping that. 
I don’t want it to have happened. 
I want it not to have happened, 
but if you are grateful 
for your life . . . 
then you have to be 
grateful for all of it. 
You can’t pick and choose 
what you’re grateful for.

                            Stephen Colbert

Like a palm tree by the ocean 
that endures the greatest winds 
because it knows how 
to gracefully bend.

 Stephen Kendrick

To be angry at something 
means you’ve forgotten: 
That everything that 
happens is natural. 
That the responsibility 
is theirs, not yours. 

      Marcus Aurelius

The secret was to just be cool, 
stay in God's graces, 
and work it out. 

Solomon Burke

Only a person who has 
passed through the gate 
of humility can ascend to 
the heights of the spirit.
         Rudolf Steiner

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Love You - Good Luck,
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