Thursday, October 29, 2020

Easier Done Than Argued

 A   L   O   H   A  !

A change of feeling 

is change of destiny. 

All creation occurs in the 

domain of the subconscious.

Neville Goddard

Dry-Docking our home of 20 years. Memories!

There are two days of joy

guaranteed to the boat owner:

The day you buy

- and the day you sell -

your boat.

Tiny homes are HUGE

compared to the living space

on this cement & steel antique!

But I have many memories of

my jail with  chance of drowning.

Shadow of a 

Wrought Iron Fence 

is Eloquent

Upon this Tree

It's not by strength or 

speed or swiftness of body 

that great deeds are done, 

but by wisdom, character 

and sober judgment. 

These qualities are not

lacking in old age but 

in fact grow as time passes. 


There is one spectacle 

grander than the sea, 

that is the sky; 

there is one spectacle 

grander than the sky,

 that is the interior 

of the soul.

Victor Hugo

"Olympia" Link

Argument from Intimidation 

is a confession of 

intellectual impotence.

Ayn Rand


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