Thursday, August 13, 2020

Daring Hope

 A   L   O   H   A  !

Dwell on the 

beauty of life. 

Watch the stars, 

and see yourself 

running with them.

    Marcus Aurelius

A curious woman 

is capable of 

turning around 

the rainbow just 

to see what is 

on the other side.

         Chinese Proverb

Behold, the bush 

burned with fire, 

yet, the bush was 

not consumed.

Moses said, 

"I will turn aside, 

and see this 

great sight, 

why the bush 

is not burnt.”

Fear kills 

Life and Light. 

Awe builds us up 

and makes Wise. 

Plug into something 

judged worthy by 

your own heart. 

You can handle 

What Is; 

But never tangle 

with What If!

Right Here

is where the 

fire is,

the comfort

light & warmth,

Just look for it


That is the 

doorway to Heaven.

"What Cloudia Said. . ."


Love You,

                                  Both of Us!

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