Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Who Was A Nice Guy? Alex Trebek

 A   L   O   H   A  !

I tried out for JEOPARDY here 

in Honolulu years ago.

The first day was a cattle call, 

and I made it through!

The next day, ALEX TREBEK 

was there with many fewer 

contestants in the running. 

It was very exciting when he 

walked into the fairly small room!

Alex exuded a star quality, but 

was also very down to earth 

in a way I admire.

 No pretense,  just a happy guy 

who liked us back. 

The first

 day I had all the answers. 

The second day had too many 

golf and sports questions.

 I didn't move on to the show. 

But Alex came back and wished us 

all well before we left. 

"Tell your friends and families that 

you missed being on 

the show by one question" 

He Smiled and advised. 

And so I have to this day. 

God Bless You Alex Trebek! 

Thanks for making Smart Cool! 

We Love You ❤


Love You Too!

                  Cloudia & Pixie