Sunday, April 24, 2016

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A  L  O  H  A !

San Francisco Sights

A  L  O  H  A !
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"The first 50 years 
of childhood
are the hardest."

"Just give me a home, 
in a great circle dome 
Where stresses and 
strains are at ease. "
                   R. Buckminster Fuller

“A truly great book should 
be read in youth, again 
in maturity and once 
more in old age, as a 
fine building should be 
seen by morning light, 
at noon and
 by moonlight.” 
                            Robertson Davies

Sherith Israel
Happy  Passover

"Unleavened Bread. . . the emblem of 
the Israelites’ suffering in Egypt 
and the symbol of the haste—
that is, the joyous eagerness—
which marked their departure. 
When we eat the 
Unleavened Bread on the Festival 
we, in a sense, eat the bread of 
sorrow with our toiling, suffering 
ancestors, and for the 
moment share the sorrow itself."
                                 Morris Joseph, 
                                         "Passover," Judaism as Creed and Life

“Some tourists think 
Amsterdam [and S.F.]
is a city of sin, 
but in truth it is a
city of freedom.” 
                      John Green

“I do not think, sir, 
you have any right to
 command me, merely
 because you are 
older than I."
                   Charlotte Brontë, 
                                    Jane Eyre

Such FUN
to Walk with
My Friend!
Waikiki, San Francisco
or Petaluma. . . 
Thank You
for walking along,