Saturday, July 18, 2020

Have It Or They Don't

A   L   O   H   A  !
Critics say that America is a lie 

because its reality falls so far short 

of its ideals. They are wrong. 

America is not a lie; 

it is a disappointment. But 

it can be a disappointment 

only because it is also a hope.

   Samuel P. Huntington

Because one believes in oneself, 

one doesn't try to convince others. 

Because one is content with oneself, 

one doesn't need others' approval. 

Because one accepts oneself,

the whole world accepts her.

               Lao Tzu

Lazing Leaf

You can't teach 

people to be lazy,

either they have it 

or they don't.

Dagwood Bumstead

Love and kindness are 

the very basis of society.

If we lose these feelings,

society will face 

tremendous difficulties.

              Dalai Lama

It was such a beautiful day 

I decided to stay in bed.     

W Somerset Maugham

You can only sleep
in one bed at a time.
Nick Rhodes

Love You,
                                 cloudia & Pixie

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