Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wake Up Plan

A  L  O  H  A !

When you first wake up, 
do not start your to do list. 
Do not replay
what happened yesterday
unless it was MARVELOUS,
and then only for a few seconds.

before 30 seconds have passed
remember to feel gratitude
for simply waking up.

This sets the mood
for your entire day.
And life is made of
days. And moods.

This quickly becomes
a happy habit. 

If you fill yourself up 
from the beginning of the day 
with beautiful things that you notice, 
that you appreciate, that have 
real value to you, 
there will be no room 
for lesser emotions to intrude. 

Listen to the birds, hug your family 
and remember what really matters.
Problem hunting, and 
arguing is for suckers.


Thank YOU
              Fondly, cloudia

When things are at their worst,
is the very best time to be 
sure that you are at your best!