Thursday, August 22, 2019

Don't Become What You Hate

A  L  O  H  A !
 " 'Resist not evil,' 
for all passionate conflicts 
result in an interchange
 of characteristics."
Neville Goddard

"In spite of the many sins of omission 
and commission against the Indians 
that I had laid at the door of the Municipality, 
I could not help commending it's 
solicitude for the white citizens, and 
I rendered as much help as I could 
in it's laudable efforts." 
              Gandhi ca 1900

"It is my faith, based on experience, 
that if one's heart is pure, 
calamity brings in it's train 
men [sic] and measures to fight it."

You cannot police the behavior of others.
But you can choose your own response
if you do not immediately react.
Don't take it personally. Choose.

Buddha was walking with some
traveling companions when an
angry person began yelling and
berating him. Buddha remained
quite calm. At the end of the day,
his friends asked him about the 
incident and received this question:
"If someone gives you something,
and you do not accept it,
who does it belong to?"

Don't make the problems of others
your own! Just keep walking as
you have chosen to do. Do right as
you understand it impartially.
THIS is what changes the world.


Thanks, Friend!