Saturday, November 25, 2023

Sand Castles

A L O H A From Honolulu!

We spend our days waiting
for the ideal path to appear in
front of us but what we forget
is that, paths are made by
walking, not by waiting.

Where words are restrained,
the eyes often talk
a great deal.
Samuel Richardson

Hail The Snail
She may be frail
but does not fail!

Baby Beach Jail No Sand in the Pail

Let the children be free,
to dig and to play,
To build sandcastles that
enchant them all day
Let their laughter echo,
their spirits ignite,
For the beach is a haven,
where childhood takes flight.

 I no longer ask people:
What do you think about that?
Instead, I ask:
How did you come to believe that?
That gets them talking about the
people and experiences that
shaped their values.
People are much more revealing
and personal when they
are telling stories. And the
conversation is going to be
warmer and more fun David Brooks

Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia


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