Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Sweet Forgotten

A  L  O  H  A !
One day, your light 

will silence the darkness, 

and you will be surrounded 

by the beauty within.

          A.D. Posey

There is not anything 

in the world stronger 

than tenderness.

Han Suyin

If you love the sacred 

and despise the ordinary

you are still bobbing in 

the sea of illusion.

   Linji Yixuan

When you were young, 

trying to find your way in life, 

was there a book, a routine, 

devotional practice, 

or daily positive that 

really improved your life? 

You felt renewed, and 

promised yourself that 

you'd never forget this 

source, this treasure! 

Perhaps you have made it 

a part of your life 

over all these years, 

on your bookshelf right now. 

But, you know, often 

it is the things 

right in front of us 

that we no longer really see. 

Over time, we all lose our vital, 

living connection with 

our wonderful treasures 

in the routine press of life’s 

activities and demands. 

Today I invite you to revisit 

the books, 

ideas, and practices 

that meant so much 

to you on the early days 

of your journey. 

 How could I have forgotten? 

But we do. 

Then once the well is cleared, 

the water is sweet again. 

Maybe, like me, you forgot 

how sweet it really is


We Love You,
                                         cloudia & pixie

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