Thursday, January 23, 2020

From Me To You

A   L   O   H   A  !

Take heart. 
If you are alive today,
You are a warrior of the soul. 

Mother Cloud with Calf

Sometimes we are trying so hard 
to do the right thing, and to
figure out what it is, that 
we drown out the Still, Small Voice that is 
telling us exactly what we need to hear.

When you have a forgiving attitude,
it is yourself that you
forgive and empower

Be friends with reality. 
Don't conquer it with a whip and a chair like a lion tamer.
When you are troubled by something, don't poke it with a stick of investigation & worry. 

Let it be and maintain your campfire circle, 
good cheer and trust in yourself. 

Eventually whatever it was that was bothering you 
will come back around your fire like a puppy wagging its tail, licking your face and telling you all of its secrets 
that you want to know. 

Everything in life is attitude. 

When we are hard to be around 
even good things don't want to come around us. 

But when we are calm, 
sensible and steady, 
then good things come and 
shelter beneath the our wings.

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Love You,