Sunday, July 21, 2019

Thank You Friends

A  L  O  H  A !
You are a livingness, a verb. 
What is arising in you, 
at this moment, is 
the great realization.
               Christopher Zzenn Loren

Gratitude is one of 
the most medicinal 
emotions we can feel. 
It elevates our moods 
and fills us with joy."
         Sara Avant Stover

There is, they say, a
crowded highway to Hell,
but speak of the 
stairway to Heaven.

What lovely steps!
Pause as long on a step
as you wish.

Go back down a step or two
for another look at
a stage of your learning.

Enjoy the ascent.
High vibrations like gratitude,
High places like peaks,
are conducive to your rise,
Ignore the highway traffic.
Come up. Come up
in love.
Thank YOU Friends!

"As Above
             So Below"

*"Saimin is a noodle soup dish developed by different immigrant groups in Hawaii. Inspired by Japanese ramen, Chinese mein, and Filipino pancit, saimin was developed during Hawaii's plantation era. It is a soup dish that consists of soft wheat egg noodles served in hot dashi garnished with green onions." Wikipedia