Monday, February 10, 2020

Tropic Morning Moon and Midnight

A   L   O   H   A  !
The moon does not care 
if the dog barks at it.
     Czech Proverb

No matter how fast moonlight runs, 
daylight catches up. 
            Virgin Islander Proverb

The moon is fat and the 
night air is so pure 
it seems edible. 
          Roberto BolaƱo

While I was staying in California,
a rather older woman was telling
about her teen years in the Pacific
Islands as a military dependent
in the wake of WWII.

"We swam under moonlight
among the remains of battles.
I'm sure it was dangerous,
and our parents would have
disapproved, but those are
some of my best memories.
In the tropics, you do not 
end at your skin. The air is
balmy, warm, moist,
and you seem to go on
forever, merging with it;
Your soul seems to
reach into the sky, and
rendezvous with the moon."

Never was I more homesick!

Writing this to you now,
I have never been more grateful
to simply be home.

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Love You,

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