Saturday, May 2, 2020

Division Quickly Going Passe`

A    L    O    H    A  !
We all woke up this morning and 
we had with it the amazing return of 
our conscious mind. We recovered minds 
with a complete sense of self and a 
complete sense of our own existence — yet 
we hardly ever pause to consider this wonder.
     António R. Damásio

Is there a cat around here?
Someone who loves a neighbor 
allows him to be 
as he is, as he was, 
and as he will be.     
    Michel Quoist 

Rededicate yourself to 
your passionate quests!

We Will Beach Together Again!
Together we can do this. 
Division is quickly going out of style. 
Pull together to build a truly 
better tomorrow for all. 
Don't argue with miserable people. 
Gently move on. At most ask 
the probing question innocently.

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