Friday, March 20, 2020

Unprecedented Opportunity

A   L   O   H   A  !
African Tulip
What the world really needs is 
more love and less paperwork.'
    Pearl Bailey

African Tulips
Most of our obstacles would melt away if, 
instead of cowering before them, 
we should make up our minds to 
walk boldly through them.  
          Orison Swett Marden

The age in which we live, 
this non-stop distraction, 
is making it more impossible 
for the young generation 
to ever have the curiosity 
or discipline because 
you need to be alone 
to find out anything.
       Vivienne Westwood

 Baby Duck Season In Waikiki. 
Life Goes On!

 Skies are clearing.
Waters running clean.
People Waking To 
What Matters.

 Earth. . . Sky. . .Thunder. . .
Mountain. . .Water. . .
Wind. . .Fire. . .Lake. . .
These change
And if these do not last
Do man's visions last?
Do man's illusions?
Take things as they come
All things pass.
 Lao-Tzu (6th century BC)
From translations adapted by Timothy Leary
(born October 22nd 1920 - died May 31st 1996)
This version appears in Leary's Psychedelic

Honolulu Reflected, my Lanai (Balcony)

We Have This
Unprecedented Opportunity
to be social heroes
by staying home
and exploring the freedom,
creativity, love, and wisdom
in our private domains.

Emotions flow in curlicues
and spirals. We process by
feeling. And this is no different.
Don't dwell on What-If
but shed a tear, then
cherish your delight.

Whatever happens,
our Today
will never come again.
celebrate your courage,
your neighbors and your family
by amusing and distracting
yourself and those close.
I find bad jokes and old
movies particularly helpful.

We WILL come out the other side.
Wiser and more grateful
for the every day blessings
of "Normal Life" and
hopefully one another.
Now turn off the news
and go play (safely).

Fondly, cloudia

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