Sunday, July 5, 2020

Bus Stops In Heaven

A  L  O  H  A !
Saratoga Road Bus Stop, Waikiki

"So many people are waiting

 for their happiness to come. 

It's not here yet, 

but they are waiting. 

It's like standing in a line 

waiting for your bus. 

Kalia Road Bus Stop
One day, people say, 

my ship will come. 

One day, I'll make it. 

One day, I'll be happy. 

Yet, incredibly enough, 

there has always been 

someone who has pointed out 

the simple fact that what 

we are looking for is inside." 


Here The Stones & Rocks 


Have Faces, Histories, 

Stories, Legends.

We have had a relationship 

for 30 years.

They watch me pass, grow older.

I recognize, and salute them.

Here We Are In Northern California 


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Love You,
                         cloudia & pixie

Here is the brief preview of a wonderful new [already award winning] 
                       film about Waikiki's Healing Stones: