Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Greatest Healing Therapy


A L O H A From Honolulu!

Happiness comes of the capacity
to feel deeply, to enjoy simply,
to think freely, to risk life,
to be needed.
  Storm Jameson

My children, my stars,
Flotilla of down,
Each a gilded reflection,
 Jewels in my crown 

From eggs that once nestled,
a universe hatched,
Sun-kissed feathers aglow,
My pride is unmatched.

One day, on your own,
you'll paint the blue dome,
Leaving this haven,
to make your own home.

But know in the heavens,
my love ever glows,
For my celestial darlings,
as your life's journey flows.

One of the greatest diseases
 is to be nobody to anybody.
Mother Teresa 

Pixie on the Catwalk

 The greatest healing therapy
 is friendship and love. 
Hubert H. Humphrey 

Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia

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