Monday, July 18, 2022

Rare High Surf

On Hawaii's South shores
A L O H A From Honolulu!
Oahu's NORTH Shore is famous for surf,
But THIS is South Shore Waikiki yesterday.
Shot on my normal morning walk.

Sometimes in the morning,
when it's a good surf,
I go out there, and
I don't feel like
it's a bad world.
   Kary Mullis

Now, as we stand
three feet apart
and stare at each other,
I feel the full distance
that comes with spending
so much time apart,
a moment filled with
the electricity of a
first meeting and the
uncertainty of strangers.
 Marie Lu

Also A MAJOR GOOD Mango Season!

People are too complicated
to have simple labels.
   Philip Pullman

All the air you'll ever need
is in the boredom of your life.
But the magic is in
the miniscule mundane.
Jason Reynolds

Never love anyone
who treats you
like you're ordinary.
Oscar Wilde


You Friends
Make Us Feel Special
We Love You Back,

    Pixie & Cloudia


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