Sunday, November 29, 2020


 A   L   O   H   A  !

Let us find inner freedom

 in each lucky moment

 that we encounter, 

like a sun-basking butterfly 

that finds peace on a 

cherry blossom petal. 

             Erik Pevernagie

I was no longer needing 

to be special, 

because I was no longer so caught 

in my puny separateness 

that had to 

keep proving 

I was something.  . .

. . . I was part of the universe, 

like a tree is, or like grass is, 

or like water is. Like storms, 

like roses. I was just 

part of it all.

 Ram Dass

“Wholeness means liberty, 

not external liberty, 

but internal liberty, 

liberty from prejudice, 

liberty from discrimination, liberty 

from bigotry, liberty from duality 

or separatism. Wholeness is 

oneness and oneness 

breeds harmony.

         Abhijit Naskar

This grey-head may well 

have bought this 

vintage Aloha Shirt

when it was new!

Of course, I like the 

portrayal of Age plodding

along, behind Youth.

Whether you know it 

or you don’t, whether 

you accept it or not, 

everything you do is about

 the reclamation of 

your own ‘soul’.

 Oli Anderson

You have loved me 

and so I leave 

part of myself 

here with you.

       Donna Goddard


Love You,

Pixie & Cloudia