Monday, September 28, 2020

Dawn Lagoon

 A   L   O   H   A !

Every act is either 

an act of love or 

a cry for love.

     Jay Shetty

When you are not sure, 

flip a coin because while 

the coin is in the air, you

realize which one 

you are actually hoping for.

        Jay Shetty

Circumstances are the 

rulers of the weak; 

they are but the 

instruments of the wise.

             Samuel Lover

I love asking kids 

what they want to be 

when they grow up because 

I’m still looking for ideas.

            Jay Shetty

"Rancho  Novato"
This Mural in Novato California shows the area well.

When nothing is sure, 

everything is possible.

         Margaret Drabble

All of these photos were taken in 
Marin County California when we
lived there recently for 4 years. 

Pixie had the chance to meet &
greet the wildlife, to walk along the fence, 
and to hear the coyotes call. 

I'm pretty sure she also was on friendly terms 
with the racoon family on the property. 

The ducks were her especial friends.

 I saw them beak to whisker many times. 

Pixie was trying to figure them
out. The ducks hoped she 
had some food for them no doubt.


Love You!
                   Pixie & Cloudia

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