Tuesday, March 31, 2020


A   L   O   H   A  !
You must be the change 
you wish to see in the world.
          Mahatma Gandhi

Never miss an opportunity 
to make others happy, even 
if you have to leave them alone 
in order to do it.

A bowl belongs to 
whoever needs it.
    Native American saying

Well! We're moving right along through this!
Have you noticed that time is still
going as it always has?
Afternoon follows morning, and
golden hour is still a good time
for a pause and a drink.
The dark angel is passing over,
passing AWAY!

So here's to you, to us!
That seems to be an emerging theme.
And despite the real fear of
losing loved ones, perhaps
because of it, we are more
aware of our connections.

Suddenly, a universal basic income
does not seem like a wild idea.
We see how 90% of us live
too close to need.

A nimble, smart, effective
national government is obviously
worth cherishing and maintaining.
As are amicable allies!

Everyday people,
just doing their job, are
highlighted in their value.

The things we fought over
seem puny and passe.

For those of you who follow
US politics, I wish to mention
that after 9-11, President Bush
had approval ratings north of 90%.
People rally around the leader in unity 
at such times.

This president is uniquely immune
to unity, or good sense it appears.

His ratings are thus moored where they've
always been. Striking! And remember,
there are those Americans who
enjoy the discomfort of "elites"
and so enjoy supporting the prez in
polls. But will many who voted for
him think better of it this time
in the privacy of the voting booth,
the solitude of their heart?

He won by a razor edge last time.
It does not look good for a second term.

Pollution is way down
with wildlife reemerging!

Conventional Politics
does NOT live at
Comfort Spiral.
We are discussing
the MACRO view
of which the unfitness
of our president is a given.

What are YOUR hopeful
visions of the emerging world?

What do you think?