Monday, August 24, 2020

Fools Never Do

 A   L   O   H   A !

Although our intellect 

always longs for 

clarity and certainty, 

our nature often 

finds uncertainty 


      Carl von Clausewitz

If ignorance is bliss, 

why aren't more 

people happy?

    English Proverb

Mural in a N. California Bar.
See the California Golden Bear?
Let's hold a good  thought for all
facing the big fires in that state.

Waikiki's Tiki Bars Are Empty

"Whoever drinks beer, 

he is quick to sleep; 

whoever sleeps long, 

does not sin; 

whoever does not sin, 

enters Heaven! Thus, 

let us drink beer!”

     Martin Luther

When a stranger 

is being a jerk,

You are 

for that moment 

their teacher. 

Don't take it personal. 

Laugh about it in 

the faculty lounge later.

A wise one changes 

their mind, a 

fool never will.

Spanish Proverb



                      cloudia & Pixie

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