Thursday, March 18, 2021

Sky Obsession

 A  L  O  H  A  From Honolulu!

The beach to me is a sacred zone 

between the earth and the sea, 

one of those in-between  places 

where transitions 

can be experienced – 

where endings can be mourned 

and beginnings birthed. 

A walk along the beach offers

 the gift of the unexpected.

Joan Anderson

From far, from eve and morning,

And yon twelve-winded sky,

This stuff of life to knit me

Blew hither: here am I.

E. M. Forster

An awake heart is like 

a sky that pours light.


Nothing in the world is 

permanent, and we’re foolish 

when we ask anything to last, 

but surely we’re still more
foolish not to take delight

in it while we have it.

          W. Somerset Maugham

I thank you God for this 

most amazing day, for

the leaping greenly spirits of trees, 

and for the blue dream of sky and 

for everything which is natural, 

which is infinite, which is yes. 

   e. e. cummings


Love You,

               Cloudia & Pixie

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