Saturday, June 19, 2021

Fielding Joy

 A L O H A From Honolulu!

We delight in the beauty 

of the butterfly, but 

rarely admit the changes

it has gone through to 

achieve that beauty.

                             Maya Angelou


- When we have learned how 

to listen to trees, then the 

brevity and the quickness and 

the childlike hastiness 

of our thoughts achieve an 

incomparable joy. . .

. . .That is home. 

That is happiness.

 Herman Hesse, BΓ€ume

Golden Trumpet Tree

The tree which moves some 

to tears of joy is in the eyes

 of others only a green thing

 that stands in the way. 

 William Blake

Canoe Fleet Heading Right

With one foot in the canoe, 

and one foot on shore, 

you are sure to fall 

into the river.

Tuscarora proverb

Fields Of Fur

I don't care who 

scores the goals, 

I'm going to leave my 

human beingness 

on the field!

Abby Wambach


 Love You - Good Luck, 

     Pixie & Cloudia


The Fleet: