Monday, June 22, 2020

Sunday Ride Manoa

A  L  O  H  A !
King Lunalilo Elementary School. 
HRH watching Over Manoa Valley &
Waikiki, originally one Ahupua`a 

"Lunalilo was the sixth monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii from his election on January 8, 1873, until his death a year later. He was of chiefly/royal descent and a grandnephew of King Kamehameha I 'The Great' 'Napoleon of the Pacific who unified  the Hawaiian Islands into 
one kingdom."

Same Scene Today: No King

Yet, taught by time, 

my heart has learned 

to glow for other's good, 

and melt at other's woe. 


Manoa Chinese Cemetery Link Click To Enlarge Photos
 Great doubts deep wisdom. 

Small doubts little wisdom.

         Chinese Proverb

E. Manoa Rd & Oahu Ave
 No tree has branches 

so foolish as to fight 

amongst themselves. 

         Ojibwa Indian Saying

If history repeats itself, 

I am so getting a dinosaur!


Even being introverts
it is sometimes nice
to get out. The good folks
at Down To Earth
prepared our groceries
and brought them
outside to the car.

We took a brief tour
of our old home of
Manoa Valley. So
many memories!

It was cheap nostalgic
therapy and a drive
on a lovely day.

Happy Father's Day
to them all!

Hope your weekend
was surprised by
some stirrings of
beauty and hope
in this unique time.

Fellow Americans:

We Love You,
                      Pixie & Cloudia

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