Tuesday, August 17, 2021

That's All It Takes

 A L O H A From Honolulu!
"There are two wolves fighting
 in each heart. 
One is love, 
the other is hate."

 "Which one wins?"

 "The one you feed the most."

Truth is the structure 
of everything. 
And it is always good.
Lies are just truths 
turned backwards.

Kolea Arriving from Alaska Link

Talk Simply.

And carry a big heart.

Regardless of your age 
or appearance 
you can be either 
fun & engaging 
or a big drag.


Let's be real:
Demanding 100% Positivity is 
unbalanced and doomed to failure. 

Don't deny the darker side. 
Just deny it control over your life. 

Use, channel, master 
the darker energies in the 
context of your bright side.  

Light is wiser than dark, 
and so can be true master 
navigator of life's voyage. 

Internal balance IS Peace. 
Create your unique personal blend.
Take care to make it True & Good.
The only place this may be 
accomplished is right here; 

Right Now. 

Too much of our time,
we are anywhere else 
than fully present.

Remember, your building block
to helping to the world 
is yourself, 
your behaviour & treatment 
of others. 
Including how you think 
about them.


You HAVE all that it takes!
                         Cloudia & Pixie

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