Thursday, August 12, 2021

Hope Road

A L O H A From Honolulu!

When words are both true 
and kind, 
they can change the world

Hope can be a powerful force. 
Maybe there's no actual magic in it, 
but when you know what you 
hope for most and hold it 
like a light within you, 
you can make things happen, 
almost like magic.
  Laini Taylor

Hope is a beautiful thing. 
It gives us peace and strength, 
and keeps us going 
when all seems lost. 
Accepting what 
you cannot change 
doesn't mean you have 
given up on hope. 
It just means you have to 
focus your hope 
on more humanly tangible 
and attainable goals.
  Julie Donner Andersen

Hope itself is like a star-
not to be seen in
the sunshine of prosperity,
and only to be discovered
in the night of adversity. Charles H. Spurgeon

Hope is like a road 
in the country; 
there was never a road, 
but when many people 
walk on it, the road 
comes into existence.
      Lin Yutang

Hope begins in the dark, 
the stubborn hope that if 
you just show up 
and try to do the right thing, 
the dawn will come.
Anne Lamott


We Love You - Wishing The Best,

    Cloudia & Pixie