Wednesday, January 8, 2020

One Step

A   L   O   H   A  !
Dignified Floating Giant
Our little bit can feel insignificant. 
But it is not nothing. It is something. 
Going from zero to one is significant. 
It is important. Millions of little ones, twos, 
and threes make all the big differences 
that are ever made in our world. 
Thank you for being a person who cares. 

Everything is happening all the time. 
Think about it. Today is the worst day ever 
to some, the most promising and exciting 
to others. Life goes on. Value your moments 
and hours. No one can buy more. 
Refusing to despair is a heroic choice. 

Buddha was walking one day with his friends 
when they were approached by an angry homeless man shouting. Buddha witnessed the man's suffering, silently wished him well, and continued on. His friends were amazed at how unruffled he remained throughout the encounter. "If someone offers you something, but you do not take it up, who does it belong to?" 
Buddha asked them.
It remains with the one holding it. 
We have the freedom to say "No thank you." 

No Thank You: to Anger, to Fear, to Hate.
I see you. I will not BE infected by you.
Be a witness. Be kind. Do one thing. 
Politely refuse. Notice the good and beautiful. 
They are everywhere. 

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